Our Service

Life Guide Evangelical Ministry, (LGEM) is a ministry devoted to total restoration of spirit, soul and body. It is also a drama/film ministry. Inspired by the Holy Spirit to reveal the secret of some of the challenges confronting mortals, and given substantial guidelines on how to overcome the challenges of life. The ministry was established in Amstelveen, Neitherland on 27th of december 2014.

Devoted to raising spiritual soldiers, restoring broken homes,training and teaching old and young to become good teachers of the word of God. Empowering the less privileged(Widows & Orphans) to be light and not liabilities.

Life Guide Evangelical Ministry under the supervision of the Holy Spirit will bless, conquer, and win many souls from the darkness of this world to the light of God’s kingdom. Through life transforming audio messages, Christian movies, books, and tracts.

What We Do
We honour invitation across Europe and every part of the world to minister in:

  • Stage drama ministrations in Churches.
  • Word Ministration
  • Training young and old to be effective soul winners.
  • Visiting and helping the less privilege. (Widows&orphans)